A Coffee Day

Today is a coffee day. Some days I feel like it more than others. It's as though there is a portal inside my esophagus where the coffee flows and is transported to another dimension. Probably a multiverse where another version of me has had too much coffee. And now I know why. Because the coffee on the days I want more goes to myself in that other realm and fills me up there. So those days over there I only want maybe one carafe (about two to two and a half cups), or one cup. But here I want more and more. 


Some of the coffee spills over the sides of the portal, because it's not totally flush against it's encasement. That coffee gets by and enriches my mind with knowledge passed down from generations of wise brewers who know why. They just know. And then my brain says. More. Please. So I have another carafe. Or two and a half more cups. To offer up to the multiverse. My other self is getting full of coffee. And what gets by the portal is satiating my "this-world" self. Eventually the portal closes and the rest of the coffee is stored in me.


Finally I sit, thinking of coffee, wondering if it's just memories that are needed, a time machine of sorts back to when my grandmother made coffee and I smelled it as soon as I entered the vestibule of her home, or I truly need to make up the coffee that was zapped to another place and timeline.


Whatever it is. I need coffee. So I continue to drink. Maybe to my detriment. Maybe not. Hey. Eggs have on and off bad/good publicity, too. So...


Drink up.




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