Intelligence Viewed From the Skewed Mind of an Individual

Am I a smart guy? No. Well. Maybe. I don't think I'm extraordinarily smart. I know how to do things, how to get around things and make tasks easier. Maybe that's smart. Maybe it's a slacker in some people's eyes. Whatever it is, that is the basis for creators and people who bring things to the eyes and ears of viewers and consumers. They want to see something that excites them, that they can enjoy and can't wait to enjoy. Maybe? Well, that's up to you. Personally I prefer YouTubers to the big networks and their shows.


Case in point. Ghost shows. I watch a few channels, maybe more, on YouTube and I enjoy them greatly. They get to the point, to various degrees. I was watching a ghost show on one of the Discovery channels and they kept showing the same thing over and over, commentary, then the clip again and again. Then they teased the next story, which was cut off and followed by a commercial. Then when you got back they had to build it all up again. Then finally the teased clip came, and came, and was shown again. Rince and repeat. It became like clockwork. Annoying.


And then there are those who try too hard. They put everything in perfect order. Maybe too perfect. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why some can't get it right no matter how hard they try. They do everything to the T (whatever that means, no one truly knows the origin, right? T-shirts, a T-square measuring too? Who knows?). They just can't get it right. Yet someone who simply jumped into the water gets the big break. Not always, but it happens. Who cares?


Just go out and do what you must. Take a chance. Who knows what may come of it. Most import. Have fun.


Why did I even go into this rant? Haha. Well. Whatever. Up it goes.




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