Haven't been writing on here for a couple weeks I think. Overtime has been a part of my daily these past two weeks and unfortunately is a necessity at this time. 

I'm getting used to it, so I'm going to try and post a few times if not every day. 

I have, however, been working on my other writing. So that's a good thing. Outlining one of my novels that have taken so many turns and changes to the story it's not even funny. Well, maybe it is a bit funny. 

I am fiddling with an older laptop and opened Chrome and saw my Blogger account pop up so I said you know there's no better time, right? 

I want to post a review I've done. I notice those do better than most posts on here. But that's a different thing. The daily posts are just for practice and getting thoughts out. Mostly as a diary/thought pad. Or something. 

Talk soon. 



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