Vane Vein Vain

 Late night. Busy week. Not keeping up with how I wanted to post. But that's OK. Tomorrow is another day. Just be sure to live in this one. And don't look back, unless you're in a comfy arm chair with a little bit of brandy. And I don't drink, but I do to survive.

And eat. Meat. But I can do without it. I'm beat. Long day today. Now I'm sitting on a train at almost 9pm and pecking out this post to put upon the net. Yet I don't know what to say except that I have nothing to say and I guess that's something. No? 

I look back and realize it was all in vain. Yet there was something there. Then I turned and the future was before me. Where should I go? Do I walk backwards? That's hard to do with achy knees. Probably a storm coming. What the heck am I talking about? Vane vein vain, I ponder while trying not to fall asleep on the train. 



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