Ghost Pictures?


So...I missed a post yesterday, I think. Yup, I checked. I did. But it was busy at the job. Back to work for the new year, I guess.


I have a new idea. I took a picture in the dark coming off the train a few weeks ago, and I made the picture brighter so you can see things in the back and around the trees and such. There are a few parts that look particularly interesting. I'll let you judge. I'll point out the parts I think are interesting. Pareidolia? Perhaps. But...


I enjoy watching those ghost videos on YouTube and the Discovery channels--the exploration videos, as well. Urban exploration. Abandoned buildings, silos, nuclear bunkers. Sometimes they find things more frightening than ghosts just searching alone. One is Franco TV. Some seem more legit than others. One of the things I like about Franco is if he doesn't find anything he doesn't find anything. That simple. Sometimes viewers point things out. It's the exploration that takes up the slack when the ghosts aren't showing themselves. Though. One other element that proves to be alarming is when local individuals are lurking about, following him or threatening him. You fear for him.


Other videos on YouTube you know are fake to varying degrees (especially ones from TikTok). Then you have the channels that just show you them and let you make up your own mind. Nukes 5 is great at this. I also like King Frostmare and Chillz. Chillz ran with a unique way of narrating his videos--love it or hate it, he still delivers. Though he's more mainstream--get it out there. He's the fast food of the bunch. Frostmare goes a bit more into it, and then Nuke 5 gives the back story about the videos he puts up.


Another I've come across lately is Dark Knight Horror. I love this channel, but sometimes it gives me a sense of sorrow. I guess that may be the intention of the videos, but the sorrow is in the form of a friend going through a problem and I feel for them. Sometimes it brings me down a bit (or could just be I catch them on a Sunday and feel that way because work is the next day, haha). I get the sense that he truly cares for the individuals on a more personal level when he posts. And his videos are a lot longer than the others.


So, back to my idea. I took that picture some weeks back and I'm planning on taking more. Just this morning I took a pic of the Bronx River before sunrise. I'll brighten that up, as well, and post it. I heard some strange noises, too. Might have just been the water running. Maybe I'll post a video one day. See what we can see in them. Maybe not just ghosts. Yikes! I hope nothing bad.


So hopefully I'm not ready to pass out tonight when I get home from work so I can post it up.


Talk soon.




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