A New Year. Back to work. I found a story I was messing with. Just something I was testing this new writing method I'm doing. It looked good, yet a mess. But I had never gone back to edit it. It didn't seem like I had written it. But then again, that could be because it had been quite some time before I reread the story. Wow. Just checked and I had written that back in April of 2022. Almost seemed like I had done it last week, or something. I'm telling you, it's crazy how fast time seems to be going by. And that confirms it yet again. How fast the holiday and New Year went past I mean. 


So far so good. I misplaced my keys, so I can't get into my drawer at work. But that's ok. I have what I need in my bag. Hopefully, the guy who helped last time can help with the key again. (Update: he never came into work. Oh well. I survived).


The news doesn't seem too crazy so far. But I'd heard a few disheartening things on the way in. I have to try and disconnect from the news a bit more than I currently am.


I'm glad I'm getting more posts up, at the cost of burying the prior ones. But what I had thought was if they are specific posts--like a movie review, or something--then those will have a search feature and people can find them that way. Or I can put them in a different tab--which I have to look at and work on at some point. The posts have been a bit cleaner than I want them, not like the "practice" I've been talking about, where anything that comes out of my mind gets out onto the page. But perhaps I'll work my way to that soon enough.


That being said, nothing much more to think about at this point. Maybe I'll have something later. I'll definitely try to get something out tomorrow--until I get used to this. And maybe that will lead to more videos and more creation.




Let's see.




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