Lighted Picture -- Ghosts? Or Pareidolia

I took the picture above one rainy night when coming home from work. I wanted to see if the lighting on my phone camera would be brighter than what I saw with my eyes. It usually is. The lighting on phones these days is incredible. 

It was good but didn't get to the far ends of the field I took a snapshot of. So I decided to brighten it up a bit. 

Below is the end result and I see a lot of interesting things far off in the back. Now of course this could just be pareidolia. That is where the brain puts faces, or familiar images, to something to make sense of it. But sometimes these seem to be uncanny, or the snapshot--or video--captures something that isn't so supernatural. 

You decide in the pic below. Maybe I'll do another post where I break down what I see. I see a few interesting spots. One I see just now is the lighted tree on the left (which looks sort of like a V, like two trees splitting), just a little off to the right of this, after the point where the tree splits, there seems to be a person standing there. 

A funny one is the tree leaves on the right upper portion of the pic, there is a little spot where I think there are no leaves that looks like Frankenstein. You can see the head and the ears on either side. 

You take a look and let me know in the comments. 




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