Frontal Lobe Plug


There are ideas I get, ideas I want to put up on here, and then when I get behind the keyboard to post something everything disappears. Where it goes? I don't know. Perhaps the nerve, or neuron, or whatever is waiting/hiding behind a membrane wall in my skull, peeking out, slinking back, until I'm not poised over the keys, fingers bent, ready to divulge its details to all. And it's snickering (hmmm, sounds delicious), ready to jump into the brain room and plug back into my frontal lobe and let me have it!


Oh well. It will come. Maybe I'll pull my phone out and peck out the ideas when that happens. I'm excited, psyching myself up for posting that possible ghost/creeper/pareidolia picture I have. It will be an exciting weekend, indeed. Or not. Who knows? Haha. Perhaps it will become something, or lead into something else. Like when I wait for one of my favorite YouTubers to do a live show on Friday, or Saturday.


Let's see.


Hmmm, anything else I'm thinking of? Not really. Or perhaps. But it's waiting in my skull. UGH! OK, well if it let's me know, I'll let you know. Or me know. Or something like that.


Talk soon.




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