Keep Busy to Pass Time

Chicken Soup with a side of Zevia
I have been working from home. And it hasn't been bad. I don't mind working from home, but I hear a lot of instances where people are weirded out. They want to be back at work, the normalcy of it all. 

That goes into other avenues of thought, philosophical. Like, what is normal? Don't people usually say if they had time, or if they didn't have so much work? 

Add to that you aren't supposed to go outside except for essential tasks like buying food and pharmaceutical items. 

It can get a bit frustrating, especially with all the things you read/hear on the news daily about terrible events. 

But if you keep yourself busy, the days will go by faster. 

When I was at work, some days were so busy that I hadn't realized the time going by until it was almost time to go, then I'd look at my watch and feel like I'd just come in not too long before. It was weird, but it felt good, too.  

Now, there are bad things with time going by too fast, especially if the things you miss are those you should cherish. But a paycheck is required to live, so there's that. But, of course, one should always try and pump the breaks here and there. 

If you employ this tactic to the current situation, keeping busy, you can now clean your dwelling, you can get those things done that you kept putting off, you can even maybe get to work on your dream--you know, that thing you've been putting off because you never have enough time. And then all the news articles, all the worry, will be behind you. 

Spend some time with your family if you're with them in your place. If not, video conference them. 

And before you know it, this will have passed, and you can look back at what you've accomplished. 

That's what I'm doing. 

I've read that a lot of streaming sites are allowing free streaming this month, and maybe next. I know most of the channels on my cable box are broadcasting for free right now. Maybe catch up on your favorite shows. There was a site I'd seen that said you could learn technical skills for free this month. Get some knowledge for that thing you always wanted to learn. 
Puerto Rican rice and beans with
breaded chicken and avocado.

And cook! So many great things can be made with very few ingredients and a cupboard full of spices. Most of these things are items we already have in the house. And the things you don't have, you can grab on a quick supermarket trip. Just make sure to wipe everything down. Just in case. 
Pepper Steak

I've been working on the other YouTube channels I'd wanted to get started. I've made some pretty cool progress. I'm also reading more, and getting some editing done, writing and video. 

So always try to make the best of things. And don't watch too much news, it will drive you crazy. 



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