Blogging Helps For More Things Than You Know

It really does. Writing is much more than having a decent grasp on grammar and stuff. 

"Stuff" (smiles). 

It's all about getting a message across in a coherent manner. 


Flowing from one thought to another and leaving enough line to string those thoughts together in some sort of a theme that can be understood after your composition is finished. 

It can be other than that, of course. I'm not an expert. I'm just exploring and exposing what I find day after day. I'm not a professional writer as of this writing. But I am trying. And from what I see, that's writing in a nutshell. 

Be coherent. 

And the only way to be coherent is to write and have people read that writing and give feedback. However you get that done, that's up to you. That's the simple part of it. 

Write and read. Ah, I've heard that before. 

And the reason for the heading? Because blogging is--whether just being used as a journal of sorts, or writing articles for people who like to read what you have to say--just thoughts that are put onto paper/screen in an easily understandable (coherent) way. 

It can be bad at first, but you will get better. Like how a baby crawls then walks.  

Some are better than others, faster than others. But like sports and other endeavors, the more you practice the better you get. 


And that's another part of this thought. What if you aren't (considered) better than others? What chance do you stand? 

Well, a theory of mine at this point is just being coherent. Do your own thing. Even if it starts as a nervous tick, or something thrown in the way you talk in public life. Something to distinguish your way of getting ideas and points across. Something to set them apart and let people know it's you saying these things. Distinguishable. 

As you build that, you will see that YOU make the rules of how you write. Obviously you still have to follow rules, but now you have that It's there and you follow those rules and do you. You don't have to worry about if you sound like this or that, because you're laying the groundwork to sound like yourself. 



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