Going Nuts!

Okay. All this is getting to me a bit. Been trying to stay away from the news, but it seeps in from more places than is realized. 

I haven't been really exercising, so my body is weakening and I am feeling worse because of this. 

So I'm going to be taking a much needed walk. 

The weight-loss was put on the back burner, which I have to get back into. But it was based mostly on the ten thousand steps a day I was getting in, which now is five thousand if I'm lucky. Probably even less. And I haven't put any input into my Fitbit for quite a while. (yeah, quite a bit, I get it haha.)

I've been keeping busy, but haven't been able to fall asleep at night. And I have to get up early for work, so that's taking a bit of a toll as well. 

But it will all be put back on track. I'm going to go do a few things, then get out there and walk. 

For exercise, to clear my thoughts, so feel better. 



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