Consistent Despair and a Wake Up Call

I can see how this quarantine could drive people nuts, especially those already on the edge. Keeping busy and keeping your mind off of things as long as possible definitely helps. This could be a wake up call for many. 

Cooking, cleaning, lawn work if you have a lawn. Hobbies you've always said you wanted to finish. 

So many people have wanted extra time: to spend with loved ones, or to get back in touch with themselves. 

Well, now's that time. 

If you can find something positive in not-so-great situations, then I'm sure it's crossed your mind that this is an opportunity to get things right. 

Of course, listen to reputable news sources for what you need to know in your local area, try as best  you can to get things right with money and safety, like getting things in place for the possibility that this goes on for the long haul. But to avoid going over the deep end, keep your mind off of the consistent despair. 

There will always be bad things happening, bad news to deal with, but breaks in between. These days, it seems the news is inundated with constant tragic stories, some even simply arguments and misinformation. 

The mind can only hold so much bad news before it snaps. 

So stop. Think. What did you always want to do but never had time for? Spend time with loved ones, those you hold so dear to your heart. Stay safe, informed, and keep  your mind off of consistent despair. 

You know, a good way is heading over to my new game channel where I post regularly. It's one of the many things I am doing to keep my mind straight. Of course I watch some great channels, as well. 

But I put up videos daily and I'm currently playing through Uncharted Drake's Fortune, which is a great story. And as a horror writer, I love the ending of that game. 

Anyway, go check it out HERE! 

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And I'll see you next time. 



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