Different Perspective, So Many Paths

It's been a while since you've been on. 

Yeah, well, it's been quite busy. Last week I started going back into the office, as well. Things are moving forward, just hope it stays moving forward. 

God willing. 

I ponder. With all that is going on today in the writing world, how does a writer write? 

No, I don't mean to find the time. No matter what, if you want to write, you will find those moments. 

Real talk. 

Good subject. 

Anything these days can set off someone else. But a new trend is happening (over years, but fairly new) where you can be shut down over thoughts or opinions. 

That's bad enough, but put that aside, what's the main thought. 

Now, writers write, right? 

Of course. 

But these days, it can be a bit daunting when you worry about how every keystroke may be one more closer to getting you "Cancelled." 

But as a writer you must write. You must have characters with different view points. I mean, they shouldn't be textbook caricatures of a person or race, etc. Because there can be so many offshoots of a kind of person--so many mixes of race in one--different beliefs. 

You've heard it before, where an author says their characters take on a life of their own. Okay, maybe nothing magical--or who knows, maybe there is something magical. But think about that. When you're writing, a scene a natural progression takes place. You may follow that for a realistic sounding/looking scene. But if you go back and edit out things it's going to make everything look stiff, parts will fall over with that balance removed, and you'll be propelling characters into the next scene without properly hiding the backstage stuff. The reader will know what is coming next. The characters won't seem real in those reader's heads. 

So many things can happen, so many possibilities. If everyone thought the same, every story would be the same. No? 

Of course, one can even write characters and scenes without them being the belief of the person writing them. Many sides can be brought to the front. There are many ways to still make a point without coming straight out and waving a postcard and screaming that point. I've seen movies where I thought deep and saw an underlying message so embedded I was astounded how well it was done. 

Writing is about making points, about showing the world in a different light, from different perspectives, to an audience that will either like it or not like the content they read. It may solidify a thought they had in their head, it may make them move more away from a thought. It may get them through a tough time in life and give them a crutch to lean on in regards to inspiration. But in the end there are so many possibilities to make a character an individual than what people think they should be for whatever reason. 

I'm being vague because there really isn't any one way to say it. There are so many paths.  

To be a writer you have to have an open mind, you have to be able to see through the eyes of another--even if you don't believe in what they are about. Don't be afraid to show your characters for all they are, but also remember, they have a different look on life, a different perspective. They are a person, as well. I would guess that's the key to making life-like characters. 

I may think more on this, but that's all I have for now. Got some things to do. 



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