Can It Be Done?

Sure. Anything can be done. I know this. 

I guess the question is, will it be done? 

I've absorbed lessons I've learned along the way--lessons that perhaps can't be used for other individuals. Maybe some others can. But I have an idea of what needs to be done for me. I took what I saw and pieced together a plan that I need to move forward. 

Of course you never stop learning, but at the point where I've opened the door and turned on the lights, looking around and gauging the obstacles ahead, I'd basically have the base I'll be building things from. I see it, I can almost feel and taste it. 

Well, I know the next step. 

I had a plan a few years back. I stepped off the path a bit, strayed from the objective slightly. I learned and I move on. 

Some great things came even from that drifting off my path. And who even knows if the path I had started on was the right one? 

I think I had a great idea though, and will look back into that. But it's more about just doing things. Getting things done. Put it out there. You never know who's going to like what you create. It gets rejected? Okay, how many people saw it? 



Not enough. 

Fifty, one hundred? 

Maybe still not enough. 

There are billions of people in this world and most have a different way of thinking. Some will look at an artist and go, "how are they making it"? But they are. Someone enjoys what they are putting out. So it's possible, right? 

Look outside the box. 

Either way. Can it be done? 

Heck yeah. 



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