Recorded New Episodes

 Recorded a couple new shows Sunday with Gary. I am going to work on them this week and try to get them out. Let me not say try. I WILL get them out. 

I'm going to do something new, as I like to attempt with each show. There are aspects that will stay the same, by choice. I feel keeping a certain look and feel (at this time) is necessary. But I recorded our whole conversation to make sure I get anything cool I might miss otherwise. 

There were some pretty funny moments in these two episodes. And loads of pieces I try to capture with each show. 

One of the most important underlying themes throughout these new shows is to do what is important to you. Don't listen to others. And I'm not just saying that as a clich√©. In the old days, writers who had to send their work out via snail-mail didn't have instant gratification of acceptation. They worked in solitude. Most of what they got back, after waiting weeks, was rejection. They sat back down and tried again and again. When they sold their stories it was to publishing houses, and it went through many processes before the final product was on shelves. 

It wasn't easy back then. From what I see, it was a lot harder to keep the faith back then than it is now. Back then you didn't get instant feedback, you didn't wake up and worry before you press that little blue bird if someone said something about one of your stories, or worse, you said something someone didn't like. 

It was just different. 

I had heard various podcasts, and read on writing sites, that building a social media presence was necessary to show you have a following. And I do agree to some degree that this is true. But I don't think it is as necessary as it seems. 

I think perfecting your craft, getting it out to those big places, hope they give constructive feedback, getting an idea of how you're progressing. Those are important. If that story doesn't work, aim lower, keep sending it out, keep going, write some more. This isn't new. I've read other writers say your first stories will be excrement. And I know, it sounds cheesy. Beaten into the ground. But it is good to get the perspective of other writers, to see how they did things, how they do things. And take bits and pieces and do your own thing. 

That's what's most important in the end. You know what's best for you. You know how you want your story to go. Do it. Your way. 

Well, I'm going to get to some editing done. Let me know what you think in the comments, maybe what you think about social media and writers. YouTube. Or even writing groups. 

It's been a while since an episode, but it's coming soon. God willing. 

I'll see you next time. Stay safe.



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