More Comfortable on Blog

Weird as it may sound (or maybe not so weird, depending on your relationship with social media), posting on my blog is a more comfortable undertaking than to do so on social media. 

Maybe because on social media you put something out there with hopes people responding, you anticipate positive reactions. Maybe waiting for the interaction is part of the downside? Likes, and such. And it can get shot down with negative interactions, or even no interactions. There's also the anxiety of what will people think. 

Many people post their daily involvements with the world. Some enjoy this, some may roll their eyes, some simply ignore it. Perhaps it's a skill that can be honed you don't feel you have as of yet. You can always build that, though. 

Then there are the negative aspects to social media--some already mentioned above. Being bombarded with news where you really don't want it. There are other reasons, and I've gone over them here and there on this blog and in various YouTube videos. My love/hate relationship with social media. 

But what I'm thinking about now is this blog. A blog. My blog and perhaps your blog. Create one. Let me know about it, maybe tag me in your social media post. I don't mind. 

But the blog post is much more than just specific articles that you've painstakingly gone over to get views. It's like the text version of YouTube. You can learn about someone, or something as it is embedded in that person's life. You can get views. You can monetize. Etc. 

It can be a sort of timeline of your thoughts. It can very well be your personal social media, if you want it. In between those important posts mentioned before, of course. And the people reading are probably those who want to read in the first place. 

And it all can stay separated depending on how you put it out to the world. There are SEO methods that you can use to get the more important posts out to everyone, while just making the everyday "fun" posts a sort of bonus--if you want to think of it that way, it can be anything, really--to those reading the other stuff you target for further reach. 

Perhaps they want to know more about you, perhaps they want to know how your mind works. Who knows? Why do some YouTube channels work? People fall in love with the YouTuber's personality. 

Of course, there are other tidbits involved, but that's another subject. 

Am I an expert? No way. I am just thinking out loud and noting some instances I've happened upon. 

So, now that I emptied my head of this thought. Blogging. More comfortable than social media. Although, I guess you can say it sort of still is a form of social media. I'm going to go and think some more, maybe work on something. 

Maybe go to the supermarket (gasp), now there's another subject. 



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