Haven't Really Been Feeling It

Snow in May 2020
I get a few ideas, then save them and go back to something else I'm doing, feeling excited I thought of another idea I'd like to post on my blog. 

When I come back later, with another possible idea, I remember I had a post or two half done, prior, and feel terrible. 

I shouldn't. I remind myself that this is a place for my thoughts. Those thoughts just didn't fully form, I guess. 



Either way, perhaps it was a thought I pondered posting on social media and that got me nervous about continuing. 

Is it good enough for that? 

Does that matter? 

Yeah, I guess it does. 

It could just be an idea i'd like to share, even if it's not totally polished. 

Are people even reading this? I look at the analytics and it says yes, from many countries. 

Hey, I don't get comments, but one thing I hope--the same with the YouTube stuff--if I could entertain someone the way I'm entertained on YouTube and other blogs, then I'll feel I've done something good. 

If I can be there for someone the way others have been there for me, are still there for me, the way other outlets like books and YouTube channels and movies have been there for me, then I'll feel it's all worth it. 

Huh, I didn't think I'd have enough for a post. Not too bad, I guess. 



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