What Would You Do With Fame?

So you sit before your laptop, or your cellphone, and you wonder if this will all pay off? 
Social media sites like Blogger and YouTube deal with constant posts and such to fans. 

I see decent views on my blog and YouTube channel, at this point they are not great. But things build. 

I have to keep pushing. 

I've been working on my blog longer than the YouTube channel, and that is going well. But not enough for me to not worry about if it's all worth anything. 

I can say this, if I had thousands of viewers, or thousands of listeners on YouTube, heck yeah I'd post more often. 

Probably even multiple times a day. 

Live stuff for YouTube, any thought that pops into my head for my site. 

But I guess it's easier to do that when you know people are waiting for your next post. 

It's hard when you don't know if anything you're doing will pay off. Is it just people you know, or are you getting out to new individuals? 

And is all this worth it? 

That's why I feel it's more efficient, at this current time, to make my posts more of a sort of journal. These are healthy and can help you along with getting started on your posts and creating a public brand. 

As time goes on, you'll merge into what makes more sense. You'll know when this happens. 

Do you worry if your words fall on deaf ears? Or is this for your own peace of mind? Or do you have a plan for success? 

Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @WCMarchese.

Hope to see you there. 


Also, check out my YouTube channel with this link: www.youtube.com/Wcmarchese where you can listen to Gary Buller and my radio show where we talk about horror and other things going on in the industry. Also funny little clips and more to come. 

This past Sunday we had Gemma Amore on the show. There were a few technical difficulties, but we managed to work it out. 

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Unknown said…
I've been thinking of changing things up on my own blog and upload shorter content more frequently rather than the loooong content I've been creating. That way, even if a particular post doesn't get many views, I won't feel like it's been such a waste because I won't have invested as much time into it.
William said…
Yeah. I hear that. Shorter is better. But try to make them just right, an example is the size of these posts. And try to get your stories bought. You're worth it! Keep thinking that.

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