Shoot For the Stars

Ever see when someone gets to that rung in the ladder where you know they are moving up, and all the things they do just seem to hit the ball out of the park, over and over, as though nothing can go wrong. 
It's sort of like watching a space take off. So many things can go wrong, and things have gone wrong in history, rest in peace Challenger crew, but so many things can go wrong, but you just know that spaceship will make it into the thermosphere. 

You just know they're gonna make it. 

They have their sayings, the things they come back to, themes, other ideas. They have a world they're building over their fiction world. 

They are on the way. 

What does it take to get to that point, to get into the mind set of a successful career? 

Authors look to established and big names to see if they might garner a shred of something to lead them on the way to that position. 

And you may read those success stories and feel elated and sure you got this. But after it wears off you're left feeling even lower than before. 

So you go to the next book, or next seminar, to see if you can find that one sure shot of info that will catapult you into super stardom. 

But that never seems to happen. 


Perhaps you have to forge your own path, build your own machine. See. Reading those stories is helpful, and you can take bits and pieces from it, but don't think you will adopt their method, their path, machine, totally. 

You have to figure this out, formulate a plan. Put it to the test. It doesn't work? Okay, tweak this, add that, go at it again. 

But be yourself! 

Yes, the chances are low. But you have something. Harness it. And shoot for the stars. 

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Hope to see you there. 



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