Has To Feel Real

I know I've said this over and over. But it's something more important than you think. Your story has to feel real. 
If it doesn't, you run the risk of being cliché yeah, but also, far worse, you can be dismissed without even knowing you've been dismissed. 

Fellow writers, or frenamies, may say, hey, great job! Yet they know and see what happened and just want to keep you back in the dirt. 

Real friends might alert you, but some are so busy they can't read everything out there. 

Bottom line. One has to be careful.

Make sure your characters are likeable, lovable. The story is memorable. Etc. 


Now i don't know the single formula for success, mostly because it's different for everyone. But you'll know when you find it. 


And I've read a quite a few times that talent isn't what makes the writer. 

But it's a pretty damn important part of it. Yes hard work goes without saying, but if you don't have the talent, or imagination, then how do you expect to keep putting out material? 

You can't. 

Use what you know, show don't tell, but really do these things. 

Think about it. 

Make the character livable and memorable and remember this, there's no one method or path on the way to success. There's following the rest, or forging your own path. 

Do you feel you have talent/imagination? Or do you think hard work alone will get you to your goal?

Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @WCMarchese.

Hope to see you there. 


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