Get Intimate

Did I get your attention with the name? Ha ha. The picture I see for this is a night table, low light, and a typewriter in bed, the covers slightly pulled up.
Getting intimate with the story, the characters, that's what I'm thinking about this time around. 

It may seem daunting to create a story, or a novella, heck, a whole novel, after seeing what's out there already. 

You think to yourself--if you're like every other writer out there--how can I do that? 

The stories are so intricate. They seem so real. 

But it's possible with baby steps. 

Getting a scene, going with it. Thinking what would--could--happen next. 


Moving slowly and seeing where things to, but not too fast. Let things happen. 

Then move forward a bit more. Create other scenes that connect to that one, but feel how it is to be in that moment. Maybe you're at dinner with one of the DAs discussing a local serial killer, the extent to which they go, but then there's this extra thing that doesn't make sense. 

Explore that extra thing. 

Get into the characters. Are they female? Male? Gay? Ethnic? You have to represent them as well as possible. 

But remember. Everyone is different. Many different thoughts and ideals. The characters have to feel real, but don't make them stereotypes. 

There's no exact method to do this, everyone will have their own way. But it can be done. 

Some just go right into it. That's fine. Everyone is different. Some take their time and talk to the characters. Just don't let anyone see that. 

It's a wonderful feeling looking at  your work and seeing the characters take on an organic feel. The scene will feel real and you'll have a chance to wow your reader. 

Go for it. I know I am. 

Let me know what you think in the comments below or on Twitter @WCMarchese.

Hope to see you there. 



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