Can't Hold Me Back

This past weekend some sort of destructive force wanted to do me in. 
But it didn't. 

A week prior I had a guest on Gary Buller and my show. This after a Microsoft update. 

The update must have done something to the sound settings, because all the sounds were wrong, and when I tried to fix it, I realized the sound wasn't even going to YouTube live. 

The guests in the chat room were saying they heard nothing. But at this point it was already almost half an hour into the interview. 

I was devastated. 


After the show, I went to work trying to figure out what went wrong. I fixed what I did have of Gemma and Gary and started messing with settings. 

I had the program and my settings to a point where it worked, and even better. 

So I took a picture of the settings so I could have it for the future in case something like that happened again. 

All was well. 

Then I turned the computer on this past Friday to talk about the new Halloween movie and BAM. The BSOD (Blue Screen of Death.) 

I was so pissed. 

I tried to figure it out, but nothing would work. I even tried to reset to factory with a recovery disk. 

The media disk would not go through--the computer wasn't letting me get past the first boot up screen. 

My warranty had ended last September. 

I gave up and went out to purchase another desktop. 

Because I took a picture of the settings, I was able to replicate the improved way I'd set things up with OBS and all has been good since. 

This Sunday's show went off without a hitch. Other random good things happened after. I wasn't messing around this time with the warranty, either. 

But in the end everything worked out fine. 

In the face of challenge it is easy to buckle and just give in, or give up. But you have to persevere. 

Make it through. 

In the end, once you get past those hard times, there are good times to be lived. 

Have you ever had a challenge that really set you back? Did you overcome, or give up? 

Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @WCMarchese.

Hope to see you there. 


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This past Sunday we were interviewed by Curtis Freeman from Cedar Hollow Horror. It's up on his site HERE

You can also view it on the YouTube channel above. 

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