New Direction

Like Axl Rose said in the song by Guns N Roses November Rain, "Nothing lasts forever and we both know hearts can change." 

I don't think I'll ever stop with motivational posts, they are just something that comes natural from within. 

But I recently got to thinking. And I'm coming to realized something. I'm feeling a change. 

And that's okay. 

Maybe I'll stick to a schedule, or maybe I'll post when the feeling strikes. That might even be more than three times a week--once you release yourself, the flow is greater. 

At this point I don't know yet. 

I still think the art is a good idea, incase you don't enjoy the words, you can at least get something. 

Just like that job you ask why they had to go through hell for, everything is for a reason and I feel you can find the good in just about everything. 

I'm not really changing anything pre se,just maybe the timing and execution. 

Plus I wanted to mess with different styles and such--with writing and the blog. 

Try new things. See what works. 

With that said, I'm a writer. 

A writer. 

I paint a picture with words and provoke emotion. Good. Bad. Exciting. Sad. Happy. 

I make a thought come to life--make one who reads my words think. 

Hopefully I touch a heart, or excite a mind. Maybe someone will take to action and do something positive, or start writing and creating themselves. Hopefully I can motivate and get you into the same mood to think positive. 

There will always be those motivational posts, or posts on something I've learned along the way in this journey. But as I moved forward there will be more posts about the way I see the world. 

What I am thinking about when I see the trees rustle on a breezy autumn evening. What it excites in me. The smell of the air. Freshly cut grass. The chill succumbing to a slightly warmer climate. Seasons. The seclusive smell of a freezing winter day. 

What sort of olfactory memories are ignited by these stimuli? 

Can I bring you back to a time when these things provoked a thought inside? 

Can I insight a feeling that makes you remember youth? 

These are things I will aim toward. 

Maybe some days just something I'm thinking about that affects the way I'm thinking or feeling that particular day. 

All these things and more are to come. Because as a writer I am not stagnant. I am growing and thinking of new things to put down onto the paper. 

And there will be questions. 

Hopefully you'll come along for the ride. 

Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @WCMarchese.

Hope to see you there. 



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