Where Am I Going With This? Evolution

So eventually I will transition over to writing about different things. I will still keep the essence of what I've been writing about here, and even that upbeat motivational post here and there, but things will change. 

Mature a bit. 

It will be the same, but different. 

We were talking about this on the last show with me and Gary Buller. The guest was Adrian Medina, co-owner of Aphotic Realm. You can listen here Horror with: Marchese & Buller

We know there has to be change for success. And it doesn't necessarily mean you have to do a 360. 

You can keep true to the essence of what made your work what it was. But new fans will want more. Older fans will need new content. 


You have to move on and up. It's a process to the top and even there you keep changing. 

Not only is it necessary, but it's healthy. 

And don't get me wrong  a lot of the aspects you love, that your fans love that works can stay. Heck, that's what they'll remember you by. But change and evolution has to happen to keep moving forward. 

How do you plan to move forward? Or do you like what you have going and don't want to change one bit? 

Let me know in the comments below, or on Twitter @Wcmarchese 

Hope to see you there! 


Also, catch the new episode of Horror with: Marchese and Buller here

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