How Many Eyes Look At Your Work?

This midweek I'm thinking about editing. 

Some may feel that they are not capable of editing someone elses work, but everyone can contribute something when it comes to fixing up a paper. 

Some may just pick up simple things, plot-holes and such. And some may go through the work thoroughly. 

You don't have to take all of the advice given, but it's good to take heed and see what they're saying. Sometimes what they catch can be useful, even if you don't use all the input they give. 

Sometimes you want a really professional opinion, and sometimes you just want a readers perspective. 

I guess the point that's different with this post, from other editing posts I've done, is what part of the editing I'm thinking of. 

Any edits can be good, and push you more in the direction of a polished manuscript, but you don't want to get just one opinion. Unless they are an author that's been in this and has a pretty good idea of what they're doing. 

There are a lot of parts to a story that make it whole. Some you may never even know you're doing. 

Sometimes it's natural  and sometimes you have to learn. You can make it natural by practicing. But dont go too crazy editing, either. Because you may over edit and end up missing a bit of raw content a publisher may have really dug. 

When you edit, do you have one guy? Do you pay for your edits? Or do you take a whole bunch of opinions at once and meld them together, then edit again with those things in mind? 

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Hope to see you there. 


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