Shut Them Out

Do you ever feel after reading someone else's work that you are not as good, even if that may or may not be the case? And then it affects the way you write?

Woah! Shut them out? Well, yes. I'm not saying don't talk to anyone, and certainly keep communication open, no hate involved. But I was thinking and remembered when I was a kid and came out of a movie theater feeling energized--as though I were the hero of the story. 

It felt great! 

I imagined I was that character. And until I came down from the clouds, my kid life paled in comparison. 

I feel it's sort of the same in this situation I'm thinking about. You read someone else's work and it reads really good, like one of those great movies you watched as a child. You want to emulate this because it was so good. You look at your work half edited and feel down. 

It's easy to feel this way when you still have work to do on your project. But remember, what you just finished reading will influence what you write. What you write will influence someone else. And they may not like what you read in your spare time, but it is generating creative energy that goes into what they read from you. 

There is always a place for a great story. Just because you feel you aren't as good as that last author you read it doesn't mean it is the case. 

So shut out that noise. You're good enough! 

Pick up your head, pick up that pencil,
and get back to editing and writing. 

Have you ever felt this way? After reading someone's work, does yours pale in comparison? Maybe not all the time but sometimes?

Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter  @WCMarchese.

Hope to see you there. 


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