South of the Border

When I was a teen, some time after my mom passed, my Cousin Linda and her husband Jim took me and my sister and her son to Florida. We drove there. And along the way our group passed a place called South of the Border.

This place--between North and South Carolina--had all kinds of firecrackers, places to eat, hotel and more. Might have grown since then, but one thing I remember were the signs. 

It was fairly small, but for miles before and miles after there were signs advertising the place. Going there it says to stop, after passing it says to come back you missed it. These were creative little signs meant to catch your attention and make you laugh. 

I loved these signs. 

A lot of them have nothing to do with the actual place they advertised. I just thought they were funny and got excited waiting for the next one coming up. 

I've just recently had an update to my YouTube app where it allows you to crop a picture to use as a thumbnail. This was a hard thing to do before from what I've read. But then I also figured out I have an artist program where I can create these with. And it works pretty darn well.

So now not only am I making little thumbnails for my YouTube channel, but I'm also using the program to create little pictures for blog posts and other advertising. 

I've decided to take a page from that advertising. You see, advertising can be a boring or annoying thing. But those ads entertained and served a different purpose. This is what I want to capture with my ads. 

So my little brand may just have these signs to create a hoopla. Hopefully what is at the center is entertaining. 

How do you advertise yourself, and have you devised a formula that works well for you?

Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter  @WCMarchese.

Hope to see you there. 


Also, check out my YouTube channel with this link: where you can listen 2 my radio show with Gary Buller where we talk about horror and other things going on in the industry. Also funny little clips and more to come. I just started adding about 2 months ago.


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