Don't Let Hate Consume You

You’re giving it your best, and just when you lift your head to look around, you find someone is trying to cut you down.

Or trying to copy something you’re doing. (Well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.)
Don’t let hate consume you.
Half the time those perpetrating the hate are just jealous, or have some mental problem. It’s best to just steer clear of them and let them fizzle out. 
It will eventually happen. I’ve seen it.
When you get angry you get flustered, and nothing comes out right. And most of the time this is what that person wants to happen.
And it stings even more when it’s someone you were buddies with.
I say, just go with the flow. Do your best. Don’t worry about what anyone is saying.
If they are copying you, so be it. They can’t be you.
Take a turn, go in a new direction. Just don’t look in the rearview mirror, keep your eyes on the road. You’ll see your goal and get where you’re going.
How do you deal with haters, and how much does it get to you?
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Hope to see you there.
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