Objects and Places

Objects and places have a way of influencing art. They can inspire the best in us. 

Sometimes I drive into work and I see this burned out sort of house thing that is propped up on stilts, just off the West Side Highway. The stilts protrude from the water. I believe around 90th street.

It’s strange. But looking at this structure, I can see a story, characters. A recluse vampire, or a being who does not want to be seen by the public.

I don’t have to write the story down to feel it inside, as though it has taken place. That character is waiting there, hiding within, behind the doorway, peeking out now and again. He/she is waiting for me to flesh out their tale.

I can see it all, now to just get it on paper the way I witness it in my mind, so readers can see it the same way.

Not too easy, but it’s possible.

Though, isn’t it funny how just looking at something, or being somewhere specific can bring these feelings and visuals to you? They scream out to tell the story they invoke. The characters come to mind as though you’ve known them your whole life.

The particular story that comes to mind with this structure is a novel that is still in my head, notes written down here and there, for a character that has been changed into a monster, but having a hard time dealing with it, and has to figure out what’s going on because he’s an outcast amongst those with whom he used to live, as well as with the beings that made him. 

Do full stories develop for you from witnessing an object, or a place? Do they feel as though you’ve known them like you lived through them?

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Hope to see you there. 


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