Update: day before Thanksgiving

So here I am sitting in a cafe with a short story I'm finishing up to submit. I have been feeling sick, probably the change in weather. But I'm thinking about how I haven't been writing for the past few days and I start to worry.

It's like driving, you start again and remember the mechanics naturally, but there is always that self-doubt just before where you have to jump in. So I listened to my recent post about Music and started editing and got right back into it. Feels good when you pick up and things naturally come together. All the worry and fear dissolves and you see the goal clearly in front of you.

I say you have to just pick up and get to it. Don't think of anything else, just start and see how you feel. I bet you'll see it just comes naturally.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving so probably won't be able to get much writing in, but I'll try. Maybe read between cooking and straightening up.

Until next time.

Keep writing.



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