Aim High, but stay humble

We all want our writing to take off and make tons of money--fame. Some lie and say they are only doing it for the art of it. Some really are doing it for just the art, and for themselves. But most writers are trying to do it so it's their sole means of money and they can actually love their day job instead of building someone else’s dreams. 

If you get paid for writing, enough to actually live off of it and pay the bills, you are one of the lucky ones; though luck isn’t all there is to it. The ones who made it happen didn’t quit and stuck it out through many rejections and put their soul out naked for all to see. And now they can sustain their dream. You can be the boss, too, doing something you love. Yes there are aggravating times, as with any job, but if you love writing then you aren’t really working--you know, and all the other sayings that go with this statement. 

This can happen for anyone, and I believe that if you don’t quit, as with anything in life, eventually you can make it happen. 

Don’t let anyone make you feel you can’t, or try to convince you it’s useless or you don’t have enough talent. Either they gave up their own dreams, or just never cared to pull themselves out of the rat race to work for themselves. Of course I’m not saying to quit your current day job just yet, but never give up on your dreams. 

Sacrifice is the name of the game. That extra time you have for relaxing, or to hang out, use it for writing, or something that will propel your writing career--or whatever it is you are trying to do. I’m not saying to totally give up on every relaxing moment, because your body and mind do need rest, but if something seems useless, or you really don’t need to watch that extra episode of whatever, pull out the laptop or your smartphone and get to work. 

As I’ve said before there are other ways to get work done. While commuting to work, lunch breaks etc. Merely having a device to jot down notes or scenes that come to you is putting in time to your dream as well. 

The important thing is to build a resistance to outside criticisms and negative remarks. 

If you have something--of course try to get it as polished as possible--but get it out there before the eyes of others. Life is too short not to just go for it. You may be very surprised to see what impact your efforts have.

Leave comments on how you make time for your dreams, whatever it is your dream may be. 

Keep writing. 



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