The Blues

I haven’t been on for a bit because I have been feeling sick. Change in the weather moving into a new season, a colder season, and wham, you’re sick. And this can make you go into different frames of mind. Of course it may not be that you’re sick, you can just be feeling blue.

You may feel depressed or like you can’t go on, that your best had been spent in your last story. This is a dangerous way to think and can destroy you if you aren’t ready for it. You have to keep moving.

Sometimes I feel this way, where everything feels like it’s coming down on me. I think about everything at once. You don’t have talent, who would read anything you write? Sound familiar? I feel talentless when things don’t come to me, ideas. I say what if I put out one story and can’t come up with anymore after this. These are irrational thoughts. Of course more ideas will come to you. If you let them, if you open up and daydream and enter that state of mind where you can create.

The blue feeling can overwhelm, making you feel as though you’ve wasted all this time to get nowhere. But in these moments it is very important to keep going. You will feel better the next day or maybe even the next week. Sometimes all you may need is motivation. Just relax and sleep it off. The next day will be better.

Don’t throw away all your hard work. Being a writer can be very overwhelming at times. You have so many thoughts going on in your head. Even rejection and criticism can take its toll on your mental state. Sometimes it ruins me if I’m sick or have a pain, I get frustrated because I know I can do more. You have to let yourself heal though. You can still output content, but you have to understand it won’t be as much as usual. Just be happy that you got what you did and use it later and be stronger.

Until next time.

Keep writing.



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