The Secret

I was once in a slump; some might say writers block, but that's hogwash. A friend from work suggested a movie about positive thinking that might help. I had always known about the power of the subconscious mind, but it's always helpful to be reminded every now and again—a refresher. So I watched the first half of this movie during lunch and then the rest on my way to work one morning. The very interesting and motivational movie The Secret, which is a best selling self help book turned movie, is about a secret that has been passed down from long time ago on how to get anything you want through directed thinking. It's based off the law of attraction. 

You put your thoughts out to the universe and eventually get what you ask for. You can be of any religion to do it. Positive thinking. They say you make real that which you think—sound familiar? 

As writers and creators we do this every day. We think up a scene and it gets put down on paper (or computer) and becomes a story, a new world of people who are very real inside of our minds and in that of our readers', as well. 

The movie sticks out in my mind because of the day I finished the other half of it. I was on my way to work one morning when the movie says to look for signs. 

So I'm thinking about the message--to look for signs--and literally the movie ends and I look out the window and there is a huge sign, literally--just before the train goes over a bridge into Manhattan--an old beat-up wooden sign which read STOP WAITING. 

The movie woke in me what I knew about positive thinking, and I was really digging its message, but I was also in a spot where I had no time to write due to work, having a baby, and my schedule and commute being turned upside down. I knew I wasn't giving up on writing, but there was a very hard hold on it. 

The situation with the sign was very strange, and I never saw that sign again. Still to this day I think I see the spot where it stood, but they must have taken it down. That sign was telling me to stop waiting and get going with my writing. I'm here to maybe do the same for you. 

After that I finished off my first novel I'd been procrastinating on, and then my second novel I had planned (first drafts of course).

I have a few more in idea form and will get to them soon, but I want to work on a few short stories I've had sitting around first. While I do that I'll also be editing and submitting my novels to a few places. It is a lot of work, and very tricky to allocate time to it, but you need to make the time if you want to live your dream. Sacrifice must be made--in terms of time, of course. :) 

You can take away what you will from this tale, but I thought it was funny how it all came together. The power of positive thinking and keeping focused is a strong subject that perhaps needs more time in another post. 

Until then, keep writing. 



Anonymous said…
Good post, I enjoyed the read! Keep them coming.

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