Been busy

Haven’t been on, busy at work and trying to finish off this short story to get out there. 

On top of that I’ve been editing the first few chapters of my first novel as many chances as I get. Time just hasn’t been my friend. But I’m going to make time my friend, because these things need to get done. 

I’m trying to get more people on here who need help and inspiration. We can all work together and help each other. Like-minded individuals who you can toss ideas off of and get honest feedback. It will come together. I was reading about this writer who had published work and something happened where he was back to square one. So he started a blog. For a year he had no views. And then things started picking up. He started inviting other writers on and his blog started to take off. Even published some more books after as well. 

So back to the point; I know this will take time, so I am sticking through with it. And if you like what you’re reading or what you see what it's  becoming, please leave a comment and subscribe. We can all help each other--newbies and published authors alike. 

Keep writing



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