Happy Thanksgiving

Here cooking and listening to Christmas music, and of course writing. At least for the site. 

I know I see readers from other countries visiting the blog, and thank you all for stopping by. What do you celebrate in your country? I'd like to meet on in the comments, along with any stories like if you're cooking, or going to someone's house. 

Are you writing? Thinking about any story ideas? 

I'm cooking, so as this bird roasts I'm in this boiling kitchen writing down some thoughts. I'm about to open a window or something, because it's getting pretty toasty in here with the oven and all. 

It's not easy to incorporate your writing into your daily routine, but it is possible. Tomorrow I have to work, but it's gonna be a dead day. I'll be bringing my writing and working on that in the spare time. 

I'll be at a cafe before I go in and then editing during the day. 

Oh and probably checking out the shopping deals for Black Friday online,too. 

So let me know what you are doing, and have a happy and safe Thanksgiving, or what you are celebrating today. 



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