Weight Loss Update

Haven't talked about my weight loss for quite a bit. I believe the last time I had, it was before the whole pandemic happened. During that time I went off the path. Not by much, but by enough. 

I thought this was a good entry. A little cring, but it helps to get it off my mind, and it just might help someone else who happens to read this to get motivated. 

I had not gone back up to my old weight during the pandemic, but I did not continue to loose. And I had gained weight. Too much eating and not enough exercise. In fact, the episode I'm working on for YouTube has Gary and I talking about food and what we like, and things we've eaten during the pandemic. It's older footage I had saved incase we couldn't film, to use if I didn't have anything to work on. And look what happened: I haven't put something up since January, or so. This was more or less from last fall, or coming into it. But it shows what was up around the begining of the virus, just before we were baking our own stuff. The weight still grew and it took a toll on me. 

Since about maybe a month ago I realized that I need to loose weight. Pain and other feelings were cropping up and I wanted to be healthy and not feel these things any longer. My wife had started on her path and I figured it was the best time to get back into it. 

I have gone, so far, from like 306 down to 290 (by the time I post this it will probably be

even more). I'm using my FitBit app to log the food. An app called Renpho for my scale. I am going to see how far I can go on my own, then maybe try what my wife is doing incase I get stuck. 

Next day:

Just this morning, I told myself I'd go for a walk if I was under 290 and I was. I'd probably have gone anyway, but it solidified it for me. I think once I get below about 270 or so, I'll slow down a bit. Maybe not. But at this moment I feel I need to get some of this off as fast as possible.

Update: I am down to like 287. Had a slight increase from 286,

but that happens.

Will update more. Let me know what your goals are or your path, if this motivates and such. I put my goal for like 270 it looks like, but 230 would be more where I should be. 

Talk soon.



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