It's Working!

 I am happy to say my plan has been working. I used to play video games a lot. It relaxed me. But that has pretty much gone to nothing in the past three or more years. 

Some think they are a waste of time. Perhaps it depends on what you're doing, or should be doing, when you play hours on end. But it can be very entertaining and stress relieving, as well. There's that old report I used to cling to as kid about how it helps your hand eye coordination. Thinking about it, it keeps me away from looking at the news--which I think is most of the problem these days. 

There are many things it helps if you do a search. But these last two days, since I plugged my PS3 back in, I found I put the controller down every so often and did the dishes, and did this and that. And last night, before going to bed (and I really should have tried to get to bed lol--but that's another post which actually might be a byproduct of this whole thing that's been going on), I edited the episode I've been sitting on of the YouTube show with Gary. It's an old video, but we haven't recorded lately as Gary is in between moving and things have just been a bit crazy lately. But, God willing, we will be recording soon. 

For this video I've been doing some new things. I see how much time those things take. I used to edit some shows quickly, and some with a bit more care. The more you put into it (meaning how the screen and graphics react to the speakers and such) the more time it takes. A YouTuber I watch said it once, something like each minute takes an hour or so to edit and it does. I guess it's like writing. You can read an entertaining story in minutes, but each sentence probably took just as long to get through editing a few times, or maybe even more. All depends on how you want it to look. That's another thought. 

Okay. I'm going to keep going. Let's see what happens. 



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