Let's Try Something

 I'm thinking of trying something new. Anything. I need to do it. I've been feeling some energy here and there, related to starting up projects again, but it doesn't feel right. Not totally and not yet. When I start to give it a go does, but then I hit a wall and put everything down. I'll mess around with old stories, like things I'd begun a long time ago, then just give up.

So I'm going to try something new. I'm going to force myself to have some fun with my PS3, GTA 4. One of my favorite of the series. Just thinking about it brings me back. And I've been watching some old YouTubers I love a great deal. LA Beast is one and another is Steve1989. One I also recently started watching (when I say recent I mean within the last few years or so) is Badlands Chuggs. Brings me back to when YouTube was fun and creative and, most important, un-blatantly-political.

Well, I'm going to unravel these cords and see if my PS3 starts up and go from

there. I'm also working on some old footage from last year with Gary where we talk about food. Fast food in particular. I'm trying, as usual, new things with the editing. Hope it works out well. I think it will.

The fact that I've got all this typed out I'm surprised. So let's see what happens.

Talk soon.



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