Weigh Loss Update April 21st

Down to 285.2 

For a bit I had gone up to 288, but that is normal. Some call it plateauing. It's why some go off of diets. Because they see they've hit a wall and quit. But usually you keep going for another few days, or week, and you'll move past that wall. 

Other factors can slow down your weigh loss number, too. Like if you lift weights. Lean muscle weighs more than fat. Though, it helps to burn it, as well. 

So don't be discouraged. Go by how you look and feel. 

And of course, here's proof

from my scale app. 

Let's keep doing this! 

Oh, and I've cut my coffee down to one cup a day. Ugh, the feeling going through this. Especially when you're like me and are used to drinking multiple cups a day. 

Pop a pain killer and wait it out. That's if you're cutting back, or quitting, coffee. 

I love coffee. I don't think I'll ever fully quit it. But I was drinking way too much. 

I'll talk soon. 



Anonymous said…
That’s Great News

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