Copyright Righted

So I uploaded one of the latest video game videos I've done and got a Copyright notice. It was for a small portion at the end of the video for a song that I thought was played throughout the game. 

Well, either way, the notice said I wouldn't be getting the monetization dough, that it would go to the music owner. 

I've been trying to be careful with this on the video game channel, because I opened a can of worms when happening upon a video about this subject and got a bit worried. There are so many gaming channels, and I've never really heard about this happening. You'd think it was a heck of an advertisement having your game played, making others want to play through it, as well. 

I usually try to keep all aspects of what I put out to be created by myself, or I mix/use what is offered for free on YouTube in way of songs, or pictures on the program I use to edit my videos. Also, fair use allows for some images and songs to be used, as well. But that's another subject. 

I was under the notion that a video game walk-through falls under the fair use thing. Maybe it's because it was a particular composition of music at the end? Not sure. 

So I cut out what YouTube said I should and put up some music I use on my other channel that reminds me of Uncharted. Maybe I'll re-upload with a more edited version, not sure. It was only a small 20 second part just before the ending credits, which I didn't go through. Probably would have been a longer copyright portion if so. 

I feel with my face on screen as I play, coupled with me talking throughout, that's changing the material enough that it is something new and fair use according to YouTube's rules. But who knows. Everything else has been good, so far.  

Just wanted to put that out there. Video at the top. 

I'm new to the gaming thing, so videos might seem newbie? But I should be getting better. 

I think I've somewhat got the thumbnails down, what do you think? I've become Nathan Drake! Wish I was as fit. 

If you like what you see, please subscribe and share it around so I get eyes on it. I'm planning on uploading more. Not sure yet if I'm going to edit the crap out of videos to totally transform them, or just play through.

You can subscribe on the site or clicking here.

Time will tell and remember it's a new channel. 

Talk soon. 



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