Thank You Twitter!

Say what you will, I think social media actually works against budding artists. If you are posting about your creations, or communicating with like-minded individuals, fine. But when it gets to the point you're  checking non-stop, waiting for your phone to buzz to get that like fix, that's when the problem is starting. 

I've come to the point where social media in itself is highly toxic. News and politics have crept heavily into my stream. And while I know it's a place to sound off for some, I am on here as a writer/artist and don't want to see that. 

So, there are features to tell Twitter you don't want to see these things. And for the most part it works. But then I realized something else. 

I looked up from my phone and saw everyone looking down into theirs. They constantly check for any notification, and search, and watch videos. 

So thank you Twitter, for making me nauseous to the point where I put my phone down for a bit. 

Because, these things are fine in moderation, but where did we all become so plugged into our devices that we don't look up and see the trees and sky and world--life? 

If my face is in my phone, lately, it's because I'm either editing a story, or editing the YouTube show Gary Buller and I do. We record three shows on Sunday (when the time is right for both of us--or is okay) and I get to editing to put them out Monday, Wednesday and Friday--for the most part. 

It's a lot of work, but if I'm looking at my phone, it's mostly for that reason. The program I edit the video with is on my phone. 

I look at social media things and realize I'm wasting time if I go too long on it. So I stop and put down my phone. Or I get to editing. I use spare moments, like lunch and my train ride into work. 

I look up more, and see the world around me. It's beautiful, the trees, clouds, rain, flowers, snow. 

And I do see those lumbering around me, head down, shoulders slouched, one arm bent to display a screen that is hurting their eyes, among other things. And I realize that was me. Sometimes it still is. 

But I'm working on that. 



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