I believe there are meanings to just about everything--some are learning experiences, some are tests of strength. 

Perspective comes into play here, of course. To each his own. 

This evening one of those moments happened. 

I recently resolved to read what I want, what makes me happy. There are many reasons and benefits to this, but yeah.

So I brought two books with me, one was on my Kindle and I was struggling to get through it. I wanted to finish Origins, by Dan Brown already! 

The book on the Kindle was from the library, I had put my device on airplane mode to try and finish it, but it's been months. 

I said heck with it and picked up Origins and began reading when it hit me. If this book was on the virtual library, I'd borrow it and return the book I had on the Kindle. 

Well, guess what? It was there. I downloaded it and let the Kindle do what it will with the other book.

Now I don't have to lug the hard cover around, or hold it awkwardly as I read it in bed. So uncomfortable. 

If and when the time is right, perhaps I'll finish that other book, but if something is holding you up, put it aside and continue with what makes you happy, or pushes you to your goals. 



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