It's rough to send out a short story to a place that wants a long time to process it. 

There is precious little time we have, especially if one is submitting short stories for financial gain--to live? 

Well, that's another story. I don't really think short stories can sustain anyone unless you're already established and can belt them out as fast as possible. When calculated, it just doesn't add up to a livable wage. 

Plus, if you're supplementing a day job pay check with it, You'd still have to find the time to write these stories. And to make anything that would be worth while for paying the bills, you'd have to work pretty darn hard. 

Short stories, in my opinion, are like an advertisement for the writer. They are also like achievements. "I've been in this," or "I've been published there." 

I feel that novels are were the money is. 

Though, I've heard there are other ways of writing articles and such that make a decent penny. 

Okay, back to writing and pondering. 



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