Party and Anxiety

I'm here, listening to a party outside the window in the room I'm staying in the mountains of Puerto Rico. It's my mother-in-law's birthday. 

I just finished the YouTube videos I do for the week and they've uploaded to the cloud and are waiting to be edited--one already pulled down to my phone. 

I want to go out, and I will, but I suffer from mild anxiety. 

It's like when I was a kid and went somewhere new, and by the end you were playing with your cousins and not wanting to leave. You never know what you'll miss. 

But I am going out there. I hear the live music playing now. A local singer who was hired.

My wife's uncle sent a Corona light into my room(with a lime/Lemmon, I love it! Haha). 

And then he sent another one. 

So I'm going to let these relax me a bit. 

I have to get over these phobeas. I mean, I am a bit ashamed I don't speak Spanish yet. I really should know it already. But like I said, I'll be going out. Just need to let the beer turn me into something else. 

I'm kidding, but it will take the edge off. 

Uh oh. Third beer brought to me. I'm already feeling the first two--I'm not a drinker. And I'm a coward! Lol

I will be going out soon! 

And I'm out! I've met half of the people, but I'm parked with my cervesa and fan and will stay here for a while, thank you very much. 

Okay. Stuck around a bit more, then went back to the room. My wife brought me some food and cake and I came out for the singing of happy birthday. 

So I wasn't that bad. I made it out there for quite a bit. 

Eh. I'm a punk. 



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