Just Finished Recording More YouTube Videos

Just finished recording three new shows for YouTube with Gary Buller. Going to see how fast I edit these, being I'm still on vacation. 

Each show takes about four hours to do, from beginning to end, depending on how much effects and editing go into it. 

I try to make the shows shorter, as those are much easier to edit than, say, a fifteen or twenty minute episode. But the intro and moving segments around, and music yada yada, it takes time. 

I like how it's been coming out, the finished product looks pretty darn good, and I'm my own worst critic. But now we just need the eyes and comments to make it better. Maybe subjects people want us to discuss, ect. 

So if you get the chance and look at the channel, please leave a like and comment. And the most important thing, please subscribe. 

And if we struck a cord, please share the episode, as well. 

Okay, now I'm off to drink some coffee, maybe some seltzer, and edit these shows. 



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