Write in the Morning, Edit at Night

Writing in the morning and edit at night. Sound advice. Don't think I've read it anywhere before. Who knows, though. Maybe my subliminal mind slapped it together?
But I'm actually saying this from recent events.
I've been doing this story a day thing (or at least a story when the mood catches me, which I try to make very often). And I had an idea coming into work, on the train. I was listening to some music and it put me in a mood which lead to a cool thought. It was one of those thoughts that bring one back to another time or place, where you can smell and feel your surroundings.
But I didn't whip out my trusty cell and start taping away the basic idea of it.
Later on, I'm looking out the window, longing to leave work, and thought about exactly that time this morning when I had this idea. I told myself I could still get it out, but something inside was saying "fat chance".
I thought upon this, and how different my mind frame was at that later hour. Semi-defeated from work, tired. I did get some things done during my lunch hour, but I didn't get those words out when I was fresh and having those feelings.
Of course I regret this, but tomorrow is another day.
But I made me think about that process. Write when you get the feeling, anything, and later you will edit it with a different mind-frame. Even if a bit more tired. I'd say the way I feel now, I could go over something I'd created in the morning, but to think up things, or be creative, is a bit harder.
Then again, there are nights when I still have the gusto to create. But keeping the write in the morning edit at night thing at the back of my head, I move forward.


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