Social Media Love Hate Relationship

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. And if you think about it just the way that horror writing and some genres were easier back maybe 20-30 years ago, it got harder to break through. Things were new back then, there was unchartered territory.

And now with YouTube and other social outlets, it's becoming harder to be seen not only above others with the same intention, but space is being given to big outlets.

That's not good for the little guy, but we still try. We still create.

I've noticed social media soaks up lots of time that could be used to create more, read more, practice your craft. 

You get hooked on views and likes and what someone is saying next. And don't get me wrong, if you don't go overboard it's cool, I mean who's going to look at all the artists if they aren't looking around. 

What I mean is when we stop writing, or making music, or anything else we are doing, to tweet through the day and night. 

Recently I thought about this, as I was wondering where some of my creative gusto went.

Was it work? Yeah, maybe a little. But a lot of it was due to social media appearing more as a job then as a fun way of promoting my content. 

I have shown little bursts of not coming on as much, or putting down the phone when I'm writing (unless I'm using my phone to write haha). 

Again don't get me wrong. There are great things that come from social media. But sometimes I really think it detracts from my creativity. 

If I come to a crossroads in a story and need to close my eyes to think about it, I may pop on Twitter to see what's happening, or I'll see the notifications waiting to be liked or retweeted. 

Do I feel obliged to do those things? Not always. I've been trying to adopt a more organic way of looking at social media. Responding when I feel it's something I feel strongly about, or retweeting something I know more info about than just blindly retweeting. 

Most of the time I find it a distraction. 

Of course it's something we need to keep up with, but then you come to the point of worrying about what you're saying, and if someone will be offended. And the rules of how things should be done and such. I think it's different for everyone, definitely. Guess it's a learning process, and one can never stop learning. 

Talk soon. 



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