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I was reading this article in Publishers Weekly, http://blogs.publishersweekly.com/blogs/shelftalker/?p=29567#more-29567 and thought of my recent trip to the local Barnes and Noble with my wife and daughter.

I love going to the book store. And they do well to entice would-be readers to pick up a book. The feeling is profound, just thinking about all the stories waiting to be read, all with the best special effects money can't buy.
Sometimes the thought seems more appealing than the actual reading, almost the same with writing now that I think about it.
I'm glad my daughter is picking up on chapter books, maybe she'll want to test her ideas and write stories like her dad. One book series that really gets kids going are the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. She loves them. I'd pointed them out in the book store and we tried one, just to make sure, and that was it. It's almost as if she skipped a few reading levels from what she had been reading.
I can't wait for the day when she can read Harry Potter on her own, for now I'll have to read it with her. But that's ok. Bonding moments and such.
With all the distractions today vying for kids' attention, like their tablet, cartoons, movies, it's no wonder books have so much to compete with. Even back in my days books had to compete with a lot. And it seems easier to pick up a new series, or movie on Netflix or Amazon than to sit down and read words these days with how instant the internet is.
But it's great to see that there are still efforts being made to get future readers going.


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