How Far Would You Go?

I could have done this, or that, but I was not feeling too well, or it was raining, or I had to do a few things. Bottom line is you didn’t do it. 

No matter how many times you make an excuse, you know the real reason for not doing what you want to do. I believe the saying is, you're only hurting yourself. So don't turn away your next project because something isn't going the way you want it. Later you'll look back and thank yourself for not giving in.
It's like that family member, or friend, who says "oh, yeah, I'm losing weight, just lost 5 pounds", and yet they don't look like they've lost anything. They're only hurting themselves.
I know it can be hard these days, the barrage of news and work and other outside events that entrench their influence upon your daily psyche, but if you look at those who made it, usually they've put all that outside noise aside and went for it. They didn't get weighed down with the outside distractions. They didn't listen when someone said it couldn't be done.
It's not easy. But if you want it bad enough, you can do it.


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