Live the Holidays For Now

You have to live for now. Things will never be just right. Things will never be perfect. If you keep thinking that you will pass by great opportunities and memories, you will never see those that are right in front of your face. 

Holidays will go by with you saying next year will be better, but that may not be how it turns out.

If you keep putting off life, you will never live it. 

I grew up around family and friends who said, more or less, things will be different next year. But what if, God forbid, next year doesn't come? What if you're still in the same situation financially, or health-wise--or any other problem, for that matter? What if you miss out one last holiday without someone who doesn't make it to next year? 

It's easy to say that, to pass things off until a later date, but when you look back right after the holidays are over, you're usually let down. 

You know what you wanted it to be like, but it wasn't, because you had the vision in your head that it wouldn't be like that. 

It leaves a bad taste in your mouth, and next year you will think of prior years experience of the holidays, and, like for many people, (you hear it all the time) becomes a time of the year when people are feeling blue. 

Of course, there are other things that make one sad around this time. The death of loved ones. And this is totally understandable, but there are still ways you can enjoy the holidays. Remembering the good times is one way to combat this sadness. And it's not easy, I know this personally, but if you think about it, i'm sure that person wouldn't want you to be sad, right? 

It's not easy, but making a conscious decision, when confronted with these feelings, is the first step. 

Baby steps. Do it a little at a time. Grab a small glass of wine, or brandy, or whatever. If you can, sit in front of a fire place, or sit by a window in your apartment and open it while the heat is going. Smell the air. I used to love the smell of the radiator as the fresh, cold air whooshed in. Remember the good times. Don't focus on the bad. Think positive. 

Think of what you have now. 

If you're doing what I suggest above, you probably have shelter, you have access to more than a lot out there have at this time of the year. 

And with that in mind: 

Help others in need. Invite a family member you know has nowhere to go for the holidays, over for a holiday meal. 

The most important thing is to push out the negative and focus on the positive. It's hard, but once you realize how much energy it took to be upset, you'll relax more and your health will benefit, too. 

Talk soon. 



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